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Why Should I Train My Dog? Every dog and owner will benefit from training. The time spent together will form a close bond between them and help teach the dog what is expected. Imagine never having rules as a child, and then being yelled at as a teenager for doing something you had always done!

Is Training Good For All Dogs? Yes, all dogs can reap the rewards of training! With training, dogs know their social standing within the family and that leads to a calm, confident and well-adjusted dog. A dog with training will want to pay attention to its owner and respond to voice and hand signals. When a dog has had training, the owner and other family members tend to spend a lot of time interacting with the dog.

How Does Training Affect A Dog's Health? Training has been proven to be healthy for humans and dogs! Many behavior problems stem from lack of exercise. When people are asked why they didn't exercise their dog, the answer invariably centers around their lack of ability to control the dog beyond the boundaries of their own home.

Everybody wants his or her dog to be the best companion it can be, at home or out in public. With the ever-growing fear of dogs attacking people, it is time we realized that there are no bad dogs, only people who did not teach their dog correct behavior.

Which Breed Should I Choose? Selecting the correct breed for you and your family is critical! Know before you get a dog, what to expect and what to look for when choosing a new puppy. I can help you with that choice.

How Soon Do I Begin Training? You can begin training a new puppy or dog as soon as you bring it home. By beginning with a few simple skills, you will be a step ahead of any problem.





I believe it is never too late to say Thank you, though I have thought of writing often, it seems as I get side tracked every time I sit down to do this.
Tonight as I was walking Eli around the neighborhood, as I do quite often, a neighbor complimented me on what a well behaved dog he is.  Not only does he look good, he never pulls on the leash, he listens to commands and is a pleasure to walk with.
If you remember, I was not so sure about even having a dog, let alone one with as much energy as Eli.  He is now a part of the family and though he still gets pretty rambunctious when he wants to play, we can calm him down and all in all he is a really good dog.  He even listens (sometimes) at the dog park.  When we are there, you can always spot the dogs that have gone through your program. 
Sarah and I are hoping to return and take an advanced class with you when Marching Band season is over.
Attending your groups was really good for Sarah and I as well.  I think Eli misses being there too.
Thank you for all you do.



"Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with my little dogs. Our walk this morning was a dream!

We walked Penny with Lily first, then Scotty with Lily. Penny came unglued when she first saw Lily, but that did not last long. Scotty was only moderately excited and totally submitted once I made him lie down. All dogs behaved perfectly on the walk - it was Fabulous!

Here is the most amazing part.  We passed a few dogs during each walk and Penny went from moderate anxiety to absolutely no reaction by the end of the walk.  With Scotty, we encountered a couple of dachshunds that got really excited - yelping, jumping, tugging (you know, like my dogs usually behave), and Scotty just looked and kept going - no reaction at all. This was the best day of dog walking ever!

Tomorrow, Aimee is planning to bring her other lab instead, and we will walk Penny and then Scotty as we did today. If that goes well, which I anticipate it will, we will move to 3 and then 4 dogs.

We need to get this on video and post it on the web at some point because it was truly amazing to see - again, all thanks to you."


Duke and the leather couch Duke

Dear Francesca;

Thank you for meeting with us today!  I am really proud of Duke and how far he as come with your help. We thought when we adopted Duke that by adopting an older dog from rescue that we would miss the chewing stage.

The pictures show just how wrong we were.  We learned that older dogs often have "issues."  In Duke's case, he had major separation anxiety and dominance issues.

With your guidance and training, he has become a loving, well mannered, and well adjusted dog with a family that loves him and can't imagine life without him (and has furniture to sit on). 

Thank you for all you have done!
Sincerely, Glenda


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