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Maverick was the most devoted dog I have ever had – he loved to be by my side and it did not matter what I was doing: running, training, swimming ( he thought he was a good swimmer!! I never told him the truthJ ) or just hanging out.
His job was to watch over me and I always felt safe while out running miles from anywhere with him by my side.
He will be missed but knowing that he has joined Joy, Saber, Boomer, Prince and Duke in heaven brings a smile to my face.


Saber's and Maverick's Story

Saber (in the foreground) was 12 when he passed and was a dog that taught me much about dogs. He was the highest scoring dog I have ever had the privilege to work with in obedience trials. His career average score was 186 out of a possible 200, but many times we had amazing scores of 197, 198 and once a 199 1/2 !! He never placed lower than third in any competition and loved when people clapped.

Saber worked by my side for many years, helping me show my clients how obedient their dog could be and what fun training is. His new little brother Maverick will have some big paws to fill. He will be missed very much, but is was an honor and a privilege to have had him in my life. He joins his best buddy, Boomer, where all dogs go: Heaven.


Major and Maverick on a snow shoeing trip.


Brisbane of Benicia 2002-2012. Our chocolate labrador Brizzy was our wonderful companion for nearly ten years. She hiked, ran, swam and played with us. She gave birth to a litter of 9 puppies that have brought endless joy to eight other families. Her spirit lives on in Dory, the puppy we kept, now nearly 8 years old. We'll miss you Brizzy but we know you were ready to go. Sarah & Steve Wallace


He was not only a great family pet but we considered him a beloved family member.

As many of you know, he suffered from bouts of seizures over the past several months and was diagnosed as having canine epilepsy. Aft his very first series of cluster seizures we had been committed to treating him to prevent any further seizures. Watching him go through one seizure was a very scary experience. Unfortunately, Corbit usually went through several seizures, five or six over the course of a couple of hours. He was hospitalized for a time at UC Davis where we had a very thorough work-up done and a treatment plan established.

We were confident that we could control the seizures through a regimen of medication. While he still had a cluster of seizures, when he did have them, they became less frequent, usually three weeks would pass between the clusters of five and six at a time; but this past Thursday and through the weekend he suffered several serious seizures. I lost count but guesstimate that he had at least 10 to 12 seizures over the course of the weekend. It took a terrible toll upon him. We had to make the decision to say goodbye to him last evening and his passing was peaceful with both Richard and myself by his side.We will miss him greatly. Richard and Corbit have been so very close since we rescued him, and I am very fortunate to have had him in my life. Through all of our training together and time spent with him, he's been a great dog and a great friend as well.

Dear Brad and Richard
I very much enjoyed helping you with Corbit. You did a remarkable job, with this rescue German Shepard, and all your hard work paid off. I will always look back fondly, Brad, when we reached the point where you could let Corbit off leash, and you also know he was great with other dogs. The smile on your face was priceless! It is hard to lose a great dog, but to never have had this gift, would make life less sweet.

With fond memories of Corbit, Francesca


Hi everyone,

It is with so much sadness that I write this. Our sweet lovey dog Lewis went to heaven last night. It was so sudden and unexpected, we are all just shaken up. He had been coughing a bit this last week and I had an appointment with the vet for today. But yesterday he seemed fine; we took a walk, played frisbee in the backyard as usual, he was eating, everything seemed ok. But after the children went to bed and Fred got home, we were relaxing in the family room where he was lying on the floor near us when he just moaned and became unresponsive. He did not respond to our efforts to revive him. We are astounded and totally crushed. He was only 3 1/2 years old and in perfect health! The emergency vet said that he had probably either had a stroke or a heart attack, though there was no evidence of heart disease at all when they examined him. In fact, they said he was in great shape and was well taken care of. We are so shocked and so sad to have lost our beloved Lewis. 

Let this be a reminder to you all to be loving to each other and your pets every single day.

Attached is a picture that seems to show how loving and gentle he was, especially with Will and Ruby.  It was taken a while ago, but is one of my favorites.

Love, Kerri and Fred

Scout and Gretchen

Their owners, Deborah and Chris, loved them very much and both dogs hold a special place in my heart.

These dogs were outgoing, funny, loving and well behaved. Where ever they went people would always comment and admire these beautiful dogs.

The Schipperkee is not a well known breed and both Scout and Gretchen were ambassadors for the breed.

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to have Deborah and Chris entrust their beloved dogs with me.




HollyHolly was a very sweet dog, who always wanted to please you. Her favorite thing she liked to do was sit in the swing seat with my Mom, getting petted and loved! I will really miss Holly, but feel life was sweeter for all, having known her.




I had the pleasure and honor of having Pam and Sabre in class; both of them worked to earn his AKC Companion Title. I loved the bond and trust that they had for each other and know that Sabre was sent to her to help her through a rough time in her life. The ultimate example of unconditional love, forgiveness and a wonderful partnership. For anyone to have this experience in life is truly blessed.

We will miss you Sabre, but I know you are now chasing my Saber where all great dogs go - Heaven.




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